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"Thank you"s and icons

First of all: Thank you so much for the lovely card you posted reg_flint. It was rather sweet and more than appreciated!
Also a big thanks to sionna_raven for the Chocolate Cupcake and the Gingerbread Man she sent me for my birthday. Both of them were delicious!

During the holiday I had some time so I decided to create a few icons and experiment with new techniques and variations which was not only great fun but also inspiring.

smith06 tennant03
Harry Potter (movie + actors)
harry01 hermione01 hermione02 Voldemort01 Voldemort02 ava10 ava9 ava8 ava7 draco004 draco005 draco006 snap029 hermdra002 drahar004 drahar003 harnar001 herm019 herm018 herm017 herm016 herm015 har059 har058 misc025 ron018 ron017 ron016 Har58 ava6 ava5

Doctor Who
donna01 donna02 smith02 smith03 smith04 smith05 smith06 smith07 smith08 tardis tennant01 tennant02 tennant03 tennant04 tennant05 tennant06 tennant07

Misc (Avengers / LotR / Hunger Games / Billie Piper / Other)
ava4 frodo01 katniss01 katniss02 katniss03 piper01 misc01
I hope you enjoy them as much as i enjoied making them!
Have nice weekend,
Tags: doctor who, graphics, harry potter, icons, misc

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