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Friendless F-List

Ever since I came back to my LJ, my F-List has shrunk because there were so many dead accounts and people who don't update anymore. The same goes for communities. This results in my friendlists being very sad and a bit pathetic because it gets updated with new entries only every other day ... when I'm lucky.

I intent to get back to HiH and I'm working feverishly on my application, but until then: anyone got an idea how to find active people and communities? Are there any friending memes going on at the moment? Help would be greatly appreciated, as i feel a bit rusty when it come to the workings of LJ and would like to get to know a few more people.

On a happier note: I am working on new icons and i feel so inspired at the moment. I can't wait to get back home and start creating :D
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